Spiral Bound Planner and Springtime Scene Creator

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Introducing the Springtime Digital Planner & Scene Creator Kit, perfect for digital planner enthusiasts and scene creator lovers! This comprehensive set allows you to effortlessly design beautiful and personalized spring-themed scenes, featuring an array of customizable elements, mockups, and seasonal touches.

What’s Included

Box nº2 comes packed with

  • 11 Customizable Elements: Ballpoint Pen, Cork Jar, Mechanical Pen, Metallic Bulldog Clips Jar Opened Flatlay, Metallic Bulldog Clips (2 types), Pencil Metallic, Pencil Sharpenings (2 types), Rubber, and Succulent in Small Pot.
  • 2 Mockups: Spiral-bound Notebook Opened and Cover
  • 2 Weekly View planner layouts
  • Plastered Wall texture background
  • Bonus! 16 Spring Elements: Carnation Head Flatlay, Carnation Short Stem, Chamomile Bunch, Chamomile Tea Cup with Flowers, Chamomile Heads, Daisy Flatlay, Flower Chamomile, Flower Chrysanthemum Baltica, Flower Double Chrysanthemum Baltica-Flatlay, Hyacinth Petal, Hyacinth Short Stem, and Tulip.

Create stunning and unique digital planner layouts, stationery designs, and more with the Springtime Digital Planner & Scene Creator Kit. Customize your scenes with a wide selection of spring-inspired elements and easily showcase your work in a fresh and seasonal way!

    Product Specs

  • Nº of Items 27
  • Dimensions 4000 x 6000 px, 6000  ×  4000 px
  • DPI 300
  • File Size 890 MB
  • File Type .afdesign, .jpg, .png, .procreate, .psd
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4 reviews for Spiral Bound Planner and Springtime Scene Creator

  1. lhenznaguit (verified owner)

    5 star definitely! This is the first of the boxes I subscribed and its super worth it. Love the high quality items with editable files using procreate, affinity etc. It triggered that creativity side of me and I just cant stop using it. Love that I can customized the items with the color theme that I like. Even if you are not that good in photo editing, this will help a lot. The guide is simple. Its just depends on your imagination. The possibility is endless. Love it!

  2. Laneysa Lockhart (verified owner)

    Thank you, Roman, you have officially blown my mind once again. I can’t wait for what’s next Box. I really feel more people should know about you.

  3. Alena Juravlinka (verified owner)

    Love this box so much! Bc of notebook and bc of flowers, it’s my favourite objects for creating. Actually, I just one box yet, but want all of them, bc it’s so many options. And quality is amazing, its nothing better than customcsene products

  4. Ama (verified owner)

    Omg! These boxes are the cutest things ever. They’re the best for people who like making their own journals & planners. Loved how in-season this April box is/was.

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