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A Revolutionary Tool for Designers

Introducing our Cards and Envelopes Mockup Creator, a revolutionary tool designed specifically for Paper Stationery Designers, Wedding Stationers, Graphic Designers, and Brand Designers. This unique scene creator allows you to create custom scenes with cards and envelopes, perfect for showcasing your designs, branding, and more.

Unparalleled Customization

Our mockup creator stands out with its ability to let you move, rotate, and position the stationery elements as needed, giving you complete control over your scene. This level of customization is unparalleled, allowing you to create a scene that truly represents your design vision.

High-Quality Stationery Elements

The kit includes paper cards with 8 different textures, providing a realistic feel to your mockups. The envelopes come in various sizes, matching the card sizes, and envelope liners are included in most envelope sizes. The envelopes are available in different positions, including open, closed, and back, providing a comprehensive mockup experience.

33 Mockups Card

  • 2×3.5in Card
  • 2x3in Card
  • 3.5×4.25in Card
  • 3.5×5.75in Card
  • 3.5x5in Card
  • 4x6in Card
  • 4x9in Card
  • 5x7in Card
  • A2 Card (4.25×5.5in)
  • A4 (210x297mm)
  • A5 (210x148mm)
  • A6 (105x148mm)
  • A7 (74x105mm)
  • A8 (52x74mm)
  • B4 (250x353mm)
  • B5 (176x250mm)
  • B6 (125x176mm)
  • B7 (88x125mm)
  • B8 (62x88mm)
  • B9 (44x62mm)
  • B10 (31x44mm)
  • DL (99x210mm)
  • Legal (8.5x14in) Card
  • Letter (8.5x11in) Card
  • Tabloid (11x17in) Card
  • Square 5x5in Card
  • Square 5x63x5.63in Card
  • Square 5.75×5.75in Card
  • Square A4 Card
  • Square A5 Card
  • Square A6 Card
  • Square A7 Card
  • Square A8 Card

45 Mockups Envelope

  • 7 US Envelope
  • 10 US Envelope
  • 111x111mm Square Envelope Chevron Flap
  • 111x111mm Square Envelope Square Flap
  • 111x111mm Square Envelope
  • 130x130mm Square Envelope Chevron Flap
  • 130x130mm Square Envelope Square Flap
  • 130x130mm Square Envelope
  • 146x146mm Square Envelope Chevron Flap
  • 146x146mm Square Envelope Square Flap
  • 146x146mm Square Envelope
  • 155x155mm Square Envelope Chevron Flap
  • 155x155mm Square Envelope Square Flap
  • 155x155mm Square Envelope
  • 160x160mm Square Envelope Chevron Flap
  • 160x160mm Square Envelope Square Flap
  • 160x160mm Square Envelope
  • 220x220mm Square Envelope Chevron Flap
  • 220x220mm Square Envelope Square Flap
  • 220x220mm Square Envelope
  • A1 US Envelope Chevron Flap
  • A1 US Envelope Square Flap
  • A1 US Envelope
  • A2 Lady grey US Envelope Chevron Flap
  • A2 Lady grey US Envelope Square Flap
  • A2 Lady grey US Envelope
  • A4 US Envelope Chevron Flap
  • A4 US Envelope Square Flap
  • A4 US Envelope
  • A7 Besselheim US Envelope Chevron Flap
  • A7 Besselheim US Envelope Square Flap
  • A7 Besselheim US Envelope
  • C5 International Envelope Chevron Flap
  • C5 International Envelope Square Flap
  • C5 International Envelope
  • C6 International Envelope Chevron Flap
  • C6 International Envelope Square Flap
  • C6 International Envelope
  • C7 International Envelope Chevron Flap
  • C7 International Envelope Square Flap
  • C7 International Envelope
  • C8 Envelope Chevron Flap
  • C8 Envelope Square Flap
  • C8 Envelope
  • DL International Envelope

*all envelopes also includes their correspondent Envelope Liner Mockup

Backgrounds and Shadow Overlays

But that’s not all. Our Cards and Envelopes Mockup Creator also comes with 10 backgrounds and 30 shadow overlays. These additional elements allow you to add depth and realism to your scenes, making your designs stand out even more.

Perfect for Various Mockup Needs

Whether you’re creating card mockups, stationary mockups, or envelope mockups, our scene creator is the perfect tool for you. It’s designed to meet a wide range of mockup needs, making it a versatile addition to your design toolkit.

Experience the difference today with our Cards and Envelopes Custom Scene Mockup Creator. It’s more than just a mockup tool – it’s a way to bring your designs to life.

    Product Specs

  • Nº of Items 300
  • DPI 300
  • File Size 15.17 GB
  • File Type .psd
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5 reviews for Cards and Envelopes Mockup Creator

  1. Julie Wodock (verified owner)

    I have only just begun to scratch the surface of the enormous capabilities that this mockup bundle offers, but I am beyond impressed by what I have already seen. The process is incredibly organized with an excellent user guide. Though I am still figuring out how to use all of the layers and get everything properly downloaded, the customer service has been OUTSTANDING with any question I have had. I’m very glad to have found this product!

    • Roman Jusdado

      Thank you so much for your wonderful review! I’m incredibly grateful that you took the time to share your experience. It was a pleasure assisting you, and I’m thrilled to hear that you’re impressed with the mockup bundle. I hope you continue to enjoy working with the files, and if you have any more questions or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out.

      Thank you again, and happy designing!

  2. H B (Creative Market Customer)

    Top-notch. Really well thought-out and organized. Versatile and beautiful. Although I can see why some people were put off by the number and size of the files, and the complexity of the various layers within the files, as a professional designer I found it is is pretty straightforward to figure out what’s what. And it goes with the territory if you want high-res and versatility. Even if you’re not a pro, it should all work out just fine since the instructions are thorough and well-organized. The one thing to keep in mind is that it will indeed take some time to download what you need and to poke through the instructions and files, so if you’re looking for something like “I need this yesterday / am on a panicked deadline and I just don’t have the time,” then this is probably not the collection for you. I do wish this collection showed the insides of the cards, since I needed to buy a separate mockup set for that aspect of my needs. But those things aside, I’m super happy with it.

  3. Laura Joseph (Creative Market Customer)

    I’ve been a wedding stationer for about 8 years and this has vastly improved the mockups I send to clients. Well made and worth every penny. Thank you!

  4. Lindsay Mitchell (Creative Market Customer)

    The files are excellent and Román has been a pleasure to work with when I had questions. Highly recommend!

  5. Greg Davies (Creative Market Customer)

    I am very pleased with this purchase 🙂 All files are extremely well organised and layers are named conveniently, making it a pleasure to design. The customisable features are some of the best I have seen in mockups and both the resolution and quality of the imagery is outstanding. A must buy for any designer wishing to showcase brand identity design.

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