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Introducing the Book Mockups Bundle, your one-stop solution for showcasing your literary creations elegantly and professionally. This exclusive bundle comprises 11 of our premium book mockups, meticulously designed to portray your book covers in a variety of appealing settings. The Book Mockups Bundle is ideal for authors, publishers, and designers looking to transform their digital portfolios and captivate their audiences.

Priced individually at $99, this expansive bundle is now being offered at an unbeatable price of $29. Explore the diverse range of book mockups encompassed in this bundle:

  1. Book Cover Mockup (Paperback) – Highlight the allure of your book cover with a sleek and modern mockup.
  2. Book Cover with Breakfast Mockup Scene – Engage your audience with a cover mockup tastefully set amidst a cozy breakfast scene.
  3. Book Mockup (Open Paperback) – Invite readers into your narrative through a lifelike open book mockup.
  4. Books Mockup (Cover and Open) – Showcase the holistic appeal of your book, both cover and inner pages, in a singular frame.
  5. Books Mockup (Front and Back Paperback) – Exhibit the comprehensive design of your book, from front to back, in a visually captivating manner.
  6. Open Book Mockup – A timeless open book mockup portraying the inviting allure of your narrative.
  7. Open Book Paperback Mockup – Depict the tactile appeal of your paperback with a realistic open book mockup.
  8. Open Paperback Book Mockup – Present your book in a natural, relatable setting demonstrating the flexibility and charm of a paperback.
  9. Paperback Book Mockup (Cover and Open) – A dual mockup rendering both the enchanting cover and inviting inner pages.
  10. Paperback Book Mockup (Curled Page) – Adding a touch of realism with a mockup featuring a gently curled page.
  11. Paperback Book Mockup (Layflat) – Lay flat open book mockup, epitomizing the ease and appeal of a good read.

Seize the limited-time offer to secure the Book Mockups Bundle and elevate your book presentation to unparalleled heights. This bundle is a treasure trove of visual delight, meticulously crafted to meet the needs of individuals searching for the perfect book mockups, especially paperback book mockups. At just $19, the Book Mockups Bundle is your gateway to enchanting your audience and solidifying your standing in the vibrant literary market. Grab yours now, and watch your book covers come alive like never before!

    Product Specs

  • Dimensions 6000  × 4000 px
  • DPI 300
  • File Size 3 GB
  • File Type .afdesign, .procreate, .psd
  • Artwork Size 5.5 × 8.5 in
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