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Winter Collection 2018-19 Update

The Winter Collection Update has arrived! We are excited to show you some of the new features of this update and hope you will love it!

We have worked hard to provide more items and premade scenes and a brand new bokeh lighting feature.

Let’s start first with the new items featured. We have added 580 new items taking the overall total to 1407.


The Wine Category is a whole new section with a wine bottle at various angles, wine glasses, full or empty and a bottle opener. The bottle, the gift bag and the glasses are all mockups ready to edit with your own text or design.

Hot Drinks

Another new category added is the tea section. It has everything to create a scene of the perfect cup of tea. The honey pot is a great item that can also be used as a mockup for your own design.

Talking about drinks we’ve made some additions to our Drinks section with 2 more types of mug and extra positions and variations.  


Food has also played a big part in the update.

There are now lots more biscuits to choose from and mince pies!

One of our favorite items is the powdered sugar which can be color edited to change it into whatever you want. Chocolate powder? Ground Cinnamon? Couple it with the sieve and you have the perfect baking scene!

There is a whole new chocolate category added as well. This gives you from the typical chocolate bar with or without nuts to all types of chocolate truffle, wrapped or unwrapped, bitten or whole, whichever takes your fancy! Not to mention the rich chocolate cake which is bound to make your mouth water.

Winter isn’t just about all the sugary goodies though. We’ve updated the fruits category to include vitamin C rich oranges to fight off the winter colds. We have orange slices, whole oranges, squeezed oranges and wooden boxes of oranges to brighten up your scene along with a wooden orange juicer and a glass of orange juice.


Now moving away from food we get to the cozy home items! We split the home category up and created the home lighting section. This has expanded on the original Collection by adding even more fairy lights and candles. Just what you need to create those warm cozy scenes.

The home category now has more rattan decoration and a vintage camera.


To compliment the home category we have created a whole new craft category. What better time than winter to pass those cold evenings doing crafts. To help a cozy craft scene we have got balls of wool, knitting needles, fabric and cross stitch. The fabric and cross stitch are content editable for your own words or design. Try out the cross stitch mock up to see your work turned into a stitched piece of art!!

There is also a 5”x7” card and envelope mockup in various positions.


The clothing category has been updated with mittens in various positions and another sweater mockup both with editable content for your own design.


Within the 2 nature categories we have done a huge increase in the amount and style of wooden sticks. Try out the scandinavian inspired painted or partially painted color editable wooden sticks. We’ve also included metallic painted pinecones which are color editable as well so you can choose any metallic color you like.

New Pre-made Scenes

To finish off we want to let you know about the 14 brand new pre made scenes that are in the update. All of them are hero images ready for you to create your own mock up. From cozy, warm to snowy, wintery to yummy, baking scenes there’s something for everyone and we hope you love it as much as we do.

New Backgrounds

BONUS: Bokeh, Lighting and Shadow Overlay

A brand new feature we have introduced with this update is a bokeh effect. This is the beautiful effect of having lights in the scene but not in focus, giving a warm look. Try experimenting with this effect and see what amazing scenes you can create.

The update is free to download to any customers that have purchased the Winter Collection previously.

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