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Cards & Envelopes – Mockup Scene Creator: Updated

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We are really excited to announce the latest update to our Cards and Envelopes Collection!

After listening to a lot of your feedback about sizes we have been working hard to give you the most comprehensive collection yet. We really wanted to reach a standard where everyone would be happy with the choices available and hope we have reached that!

So what’s in the latest update?

Cards & Envelopes Sizes

We have doubled the amount of card and envelope sizes available.

Envelopes types

We have some new envelope types available as well for those that were looking for a particular envelope seal.

Print Effects

We now have some beautiful new features available including embossed and letterpress effects for both cards and envelopes as well as the already existing gold foil effect.

Overlay Shadows

Overlay shadows have been added so you can really make your scene have more depth. Fancy adding a window shadow or an organic touch with a tree or plant shadow? Choose from a good selection to put your design in a more natural setting.

1:1 Ratio Mockups

The mockups are now in a 1:1 ratio giving you a bigger resolution to work with. See your image on the screen in real sizes!

Easier to use mockups

And finally based on your feedback we have now redesigned all the mockups so they are easier to use with tutorials and full documentation making it even easier for you to create exactly the look you are going for!

What more could you want!

What to expect for the next update? We heard you were looking for folded stationery, did we hear that right?

We hope you enjoy the new features and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

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