Free Wedding Menu Mockup on Table Setting

Plate your culinary creations with style using our Free Wedding Menu Mockup on Table Setting. This elegantly laid-out table setting features a pristine plate, complete with a sophisticated menu card, ready for your bespoke content. Flanked by a classic fork and a modern knife, this mockup whispers stories of gastronomic delights to come. Perfect for wedding designs, chefs, caterers, or event planners aiming to present their menu with a touch of class. The grid layout of the menu card invites a clean, organized display of your courses, making it as appealing to the eye as your dishes will be to the palate. Download now and craft a menu that’s a feast for the senses! Have fun!

    Product Specs

  • Dimensions 6000  ×  4000 px
  • DPI 300
  • File Type .jpg, .png, .psd
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