Kraft Scrapbook Mockup


Welcome the Kraft Scrapbook Mockup, an exceptional tool to give your designs a charming and realistic display. This is perfect for scrapbook enthusiasts, designers, and creatives aiming to showcase their projects in an appealing way.

Employ the smart-object layers to effortlessly incorporate your design into the mockup. You are empowered with full customization, from separating all objects and shadows, changing the background, to moving objects to fit your design.

This PSD mockup is compatible with Photoshop, Affinity Designer, and Procreate, ensuring a flexible design experience. Being photograph-based, it brings a realistic touch to your presentations. The separated scene lighting and shadow layers enable you to create a captivating and detailed mockup scene.

Enhance your design presentations with the Kraft Scrapbook Mockup. Dive into your creative journey today!

    Product Specs

  • Nº of Items 2
  • Dimensions 6000  × 4000 px
  • DPI 300
  • File Size 263 MB
  • File Type .afdesign, .procreate, .psd
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