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No Photoshop? No Problem. Create graphics with the Simplified Version.

All of our collections are available in a simplified version. If you don’t have access to Photoshop, or you prefer to use other software, then this is the one for you. The simplified version of the Winter Collection includes all of the assets in the complete collection, but in layered PSD’s as well as layered PDF’s, JPG’s and PNG’s. These formats make for super simple use across many different platforms and software.

The video below demonstrates just how simple it is – a case of drag and drop in most cases – to create your flatlay scene using Custom Scene simplified versions.

Layered PSD

There are many different software that allow you to use a layered PSD; PIXLR Editor, Procreate for ipad, Affinity Designer more Mac, and GIMP just to name a few. Each of the isolated objects are on a separate layer, making it easy to organize your scene, and control the different assets.

In addition, the file is rasterized meaning that it is lighter in size, and quicker to use.

Layered PDF

The PDF works well in Adobe Illustrator. Of course, for those among us that work with print, the PDF format is suited to a tee. Again, the items are layered, giving you complete control over each isolated object that you choose to include in your scene,


Each isolated object comes in a PNG and JPG format, making it perfect to use across practically all software, including canva, Not only do the individual items come in PNG, but all pre-made scenes are also available in this format. This allows you to customise your chosen scene, and make it for purpose, whether that be for a hero image, a blog post title, or for your social media. The scenes are not compressed, so ease of use doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality imagery. Once you have customised the pre-made scene, or have completed building your own scene from scratch, you can export it as a JPG that’s ready for immediate use on your blog or social media.

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