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Welcome to the new updated Cards and Envelope Collection. This is our most comprehensive cards and envelopes mock-up pack to date with a large range of sizes that are regularly updated.

This Collection is perfect for so many projects. Use it for invitations, artwork, photography and branding and design logos. Whatever work you want to showcase this will help you present it in an easy and creative way.
Features such as embossed and letterpress effects add extra detail to any work as well as metallic foil effects and shadow options.
Choose from a variety of paper textures depending on the look you want.

There are a variety of scenes included in the Collection with adjustable overlay shadows, backgrounds and lighting so you can easily add your own work to the scene and play around with the effects to create something individual for you.

All the mockups are photos of real cards including all the small natural imperfections making your presentations more realistic rather than a highly digitalised look.

We hope you enjoy using Custom Scene Cards and Envelope Collection. Be as creative as you want with your work and make it really stand out in a crowd!


– 140+ Isolated Movable Objects
– High Resolution at 300dpi (1:1 ratio mockups)
– Standard Resolution at 144dpi (1:2 ratio mockups)
– Editable Content enabled by Photoshop smart-objects
– Customize color object
– Photograph based Mockups
– Separate all objects and shadows
– Dynamic Shadows enabled by Photoshop layer styles
– Changeable background
– 10 Backgrounds
– 9 Pre-made Scenes
– Organized layers and folders
– Extensive User Guide


– 2 Resolutions available (Standard and High Resolution)
– 147 Isolated objects
– Isolated Objects format: Layered PSD
– 9 Pre-made Scenes
– Pre-made Scenes format: Layered PSD
– 10 Backgrounds: Grayscale JPG file


33 Mockups Card

– 2×3.5in Card
– 2x3in Card
– 3.5×4.25in Card
– 3.5×5.75in Card
– 3.5x5in Card
– 4x6in Card
– 4x9in Card
– 5x7in Card
– A2 Card (4.25×5.5in)
– A4 (210x297mm)
– A5 (210x148mm)
– A6 (105x148mm)
– A7 (74x105mm)
– A8 (52x74mm)
– B4 (250x353mm)
– B5 (176x250mm)
– B6 (125x176mm)
– B7 (88x125mm)
– B8 (62x88mm)
– B9 (44x62mm)
– B10 (31x44mm)
– DL (99x210mm)
– Legal (8.5x14in) Card
– Letter (8.5x11in) Card
– Tabloid (11x17in) Card
– Square 5x5in Card
– Square 5x63x5.63in Card
– Square 5.75×5.75in Card
– Square A4 Card
– Square A5 Card
– Square A6 Card
– Square A7 Card
– Square A8 Card

45 Mockups Envelope

– 7 US Envelope
– 10 US Envelope
– 111x111mm Square Envelope Chevron Flap
– 111x111mm Square Envelope Square Flap
– 111x111mm Square Envelope
– 130x130mm Square Envelope Chevron Flap
– 130x130mm Square Envelope Square Flap
– 130x130mm Square Envelope
– 146x146mm Square Envelope Chevron Flap
– 146x146mm Square Envelope Square Flap
– 146x146mm Square Envelope
– 155x155mm Square Envelope Chevron Flap
– 155x155mm Square Envelope Square Flap
– 155x155mm Square Envelope
– 160x160mm Square Envelope Chevron Flap
– 160x160mm Square Envelope Square Flap
– 160x160mm Square Envelope
– 220x220mm Square Envelope Chevron Flap
– 220x220mm Square Envelope Square Flap
– 220x220mm Square Envelope
– A1 US Envelope Chevron Flap
– A1 US Envelope Square Flap
– A1 US Envelope
– A2 Lady grey US Envelope Chevron Flap
– A2 Lady grey US Envelope Square Flap
– A2 Lady grey US Envelope
– A4 US Envelope Chevron Flap
– A4 US Envelope Square Flap
– A4 US Envelope
– A7 Besselheim US Envelope Chevron Flap
– A7 Besselheim US Envelope Square Flap
– A7 Besselheim US Envelope
– C5 International Envelope Chevron Flap
– C5 International Envelope Square Flap
– C5 International Envelope
– C6 International Envelope Chevron Flap
– C6 International Envelope Square Flap
– C6 International Envelope
– C7 International Envelope Chevron Flap
– C7 International Envelope Square Flap
– C7 International Envelope
– C8 Envelope Chevron Flap
– C8 Envelope Square Flap
– C8 Envelope
– DL International Envelope

*all envelopes also includes their correspondent Envelope Liner Mockup

  • Bundles & Collections Specifications

  • Nº of Items 300
  • Dimensions 6000 × 4000 px
  • DPI 300
  • File Size 15.17 GB
  • File Type .psd
  • Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS4+
  • Licenses Standard License
  • Collections Cards and Envelopes
  • Mockup Categories Paper Mockups, Print Mockups, Stationery Mockups, Wedding Mockups
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