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Because life is better in High Resolution.. Upgrade for free!

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Have you heard? Word on the street (by street, we mean the recent Custom Scene newsletter) is that we have updated the ALL editions to now include Standard and High Resolution as Standard. Along with updating our existing products, going forward all product purchases will include both standard and high resolution.

You’ve probably got some questions… Keep reading.


Even in the relatively short time that Custom Scene has been around, we have really noticed an advancement in technology. The popularity of retina screens has upped the ante, and impacted the image quality that is needed by the masses, so demand for high resolution images has hugely increased. Lines have been blurred, and the applications that would have previously been catered for with a low resolution image, are now calling for a higher quality version.

We have also noticed that many people had purchased the low resolution files, but had realised after they had started to use them that the high resolution images is what they required for their projects. As we had noticed a pattern in this demand, we wanted to meet this need by making a change in the way our product works.


The most obvious benefit to the update is providing more value for your money. Not only will you receive both high and low resolutions as standard, but the prices of the editions have been permanently reduced.

This update also means that you will be fully equipped to meet the demands of whatever project you are working on, whether you are creating content for social media scheduling, or working on a commercial project. Even if you might call yourself an “amateur”, you can enjoy working with the tools of a pro, no longer limited within the boundaries of smaller sized images.


If you are one of lovely people that have previously purchased a product in a low resolution, but feel that you would benefit from also accessing the high resolution version, then we are happy to let you know that we have made this possible. For free! Simply log into your account on Custom Scene, go to your downloads, and you will see for all of the low resolution products, there will be a link to download the high resolution files.

If you purchased via Creative Market, you will receive a notification with instructions to access the high resolution files.

5 thoughts on “Because life is better in High Resolution.. Upgrade for free!

  1. You rock! 😉 Thank You

  2. I don’t see the links on mine and have not received any link to re-download

    1. Have you checked from your Downloads? If you can’t see them, please contact us.

      1. I sent a message through contact us but haven’t heard a thing. Downloads list still shows standard res only for selected items

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