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Custom Scene’s Traveler’s Notebook Newest Release: 400+ Beautiful Travel-Inspired Assets to Elevate Your Creativity

Traveler's Notebook Scene Creator

Hello, creative souls! In the vibrant world of graphic design and traveler’s notebooks, finding the right elements to bring your visions to life is an endless quest. As the creator behind Custom Scene, I understand the significance of having distinctive and adaptable elements that add depth and charm to our designs. Custom Scene has been my labor of love, a space where I’ve been curating and crafting scene creators, mockups, and PNG images with utmost attention to detail.

Today, I am delighted to share with you the inauguration of the ‘New Product Releases’ blog series. This series is an invitation for you to accompany me as I reveal my newest Midori Traveler’s Notebook-inspired creations, divulge the inspirations that fueled them, and share insights on how they can be seamlessly integrated into your work. In this inaugural post, we will explore a captivating assortment of traveler’s planner scene creators, journal mockups, and an extensive collection of PNG images. These creations are an ode to wanderlust, adventure, and the understated elegance of Japanese Traveler’s Company stationery.

So, let’s set forth on this creative expedition together. I am eager to share the digital traveler’s notebook fruits of my endeavors with you, and I cherish your presence on this artistic journey. Embrace the spirit of adventure with Travel Mockup designs, and add a traveler’s notebook brass clip to your collection for that extra touch of elegance.

Let’s create some magic together in the world of Traveler’s Company Notebook designs!

Embark on a Creative Journey with Custom Scene’s Traveler’s Notebook Inspired New Releases!

As an artist, I find joy in creating items that resonate with fellow creatives. With that in mind, let me introduce you to three main categories that my new releases fall into:

Travel-Themed Scene Creators

Traveler's Notebook Scene Creator from Custom Scene Box nº4 (June 2023)

First up is the Scene Creator Box 4, inspired by the traveler’s company notebook. Scene creators are truly wondrous tools for any designer. They allow you to construct an immersive environment where you can showcase your designs in a realistic setting. Box 4 is particularly close to my heart, with elements that evoke a sense of wanderlust and adventure. It’s perfect for those who want to give their designs a touch of the world traveler’s spirit, reminiscent of a Midori Traveler’s Notebook.

Traveler's Notebook Scene Creator - What is included

Traveler’s Notebook Mockups for a World Adventurer

Next, let’s talk about the brand-new adventure mockups. Mockups are your best friends if you want to present your work in a sleek and professional manner. My latest collection features various Traveler’s Notebook Mockups, a Passport Cover Mockup, and more, all designed to capture the essence of a world adventurer. Here are a few highlights:

Traveler's Notebook Mockup with Adventure-themed Logo Design

Traveler’s Notebook Mockup: Ideal for showcasing your digital traveler’s notebook designs or branding elements.

Traveler's Notebook Mockup with Leather Cover showcasing a journal design

Traveler’s Notebook Mockup with Leather Cover: Add an extra layer of sophistication with the leather cover, echoing the Midori Traveler’s Notebook style.

Travelers Notebook Leather Cover Mockup with Pen, logo design applied

Traveler’s Notebook Leather Cover Mockup with Pen: Flaunt your designs with this traveler’s notebook mockup that comes with an elegant leather cover and pen, perfect for the modern explorer.

Travelers Notebook Cover Mockup with outdoor design cover

Traveler’s Notebook Cover Mockup: Show off your traveler’s notebook cover designs with this high-quality mockup that captures the essence of wanderlust.

Metal Tin Mockup Layout displaying a cosmetic branding

Metal Tin Mockup Layout: Perfect for displaying packaging designs for the avid traveler.

Candle Metal Tin with Lid Mockup with a design applied

Candle Metal Tin with Lid Mockup: Elegantly showcase your candle designs and branding with a travel-inspired touch.

And there’s so much more for you to explore!

PNG Images: Capturing the Essence of Travel

Finally, for those who love to have a variety of elements at their disposal, I’ve created over 400 new PNG images inspired by the traveler’s company. These images are diverse and designed to give you endless possibilities in your creative projects. They are categorized into various themes such as:

Travel Elements: Perfect for adding a touch of adventure to your designs, like the pages of a traveler’s notebook 2023.

Vintage Elements: For when you want to evoke nostalgia and timeless elegance reminiscent of a Midori Traveler’s Notebook.

Stationery Elements: Ideal for branding projects or stationery designs with a traveler’s flair.

Packaging Elements: Great for showcasing packaging designs in a realistic setting, perfect for a traveler’s notebook brass clip.

Paper Elements: An artist’s delight for collages and scrapbooking. Unleash your creativity with a variety of paper textures and styles.

What’s more, these PNG images are perfect complements to the traveler’s planner mockups, adding layers of depth and detail that will make your designs stand out.

Each image has been meticulously crafted, and I’m excited to see how you’ll incorporate them into your artistry, creating a world of adventure and travel with every page.

Unleashing Creativity with Travel-Inspired Design Solutions: The Traveler’s Notebook and More

As a creative professional, I understand the importance of having the right tools at your disposal. In this section, I will shed light on how the latest Custom Scene products specifically address the challenges faced by graphic designers, illustrators, and digital planner creators. Additionally, I’ll highlight what makes these travel-themed products truly stand apart from others in the market.

Empowering Creative Journeys with Tailored Solutions

When crafting your art, you need elements that will enrich and bring your vision to life. My Adventure Mockups and Travel Scene Creators are designed to do just that. Whether you are a graphic designer working on a Midori Traveler’s Notebook-inspired branding project, an illustrator wanting to display your illustrations, or a digital planner creator seeking the perfect elements for a travel-themed planner, Custom Scene’s products offer a tailored solution.

Traveler's Notebook Scene Creator - Create your own scene

Customization is key. Offering customizable elements, like the rest of my Traveler’s Notebook mockups, empowers you to align the elements with your creative concept seamlessly. This flexibility helps in ensuring that your art remains authentic and true to your Traveler’s Company-inspired vision.

A Unique Touch: The Magic of a Digital Traveler’s Notebook

What sets Custom Scene products apart is the level of attention and care that goes into creating each item. Each prop is photographed in my studio and edited meticulously. Custom Scene’s “secret sauce” allows me to isolate and transform every item and Traveler’s Notebook 2023 mockup into a fully editable prop, ensuring high-quality and realistic elements.

Custom Scene Behind the Scene for Box nº4

Furthermore, uniqueness is embedded in the theme and inspiration behind the products. The wanderlust and adventure-themed elements carry an authentic vibe that is hard to find elsewhere. The vintage and antique feel of some elements, like the Traveler’s Notebook brass clip, add a nostalgic touch to your designs, which can resonate deeply with audiences.

Beyond the Ordinary: Crafting a Story with a Travel Mockup

In a market saturated with generic and bland elements, Custom Scene offers products that are crafted with passion and dedication. The elements are not just visually appealing; they evoke emotions, tell stories, and help your creations connect with the audience on a deeper level. Each Travel Mockup and Journal Mockup is designed to transport your audience into the world of travel, adventure, and exploration.

Crafting Your Creative Journey: Key Features of a Traveler’s Notebook and More

When it comes to the creative process, having the right tools with features that empower your creativity is essential. Here, I’ll take you through the key features and benefits of Custom Scene’s Scene Creators and Travel Mockups, and some handy tips to make the most out of them.

Seamless Integration with a Variety of Compatible Files

Custom Scene’s Scene Creators and Traveler’s Planner Mockups come with an impressive range of compatible files. This includes Photoshop Files, Affinity Designer Files, Procreate Files, and PNG Files. This compatibility allows you to use the application that you’re most comfortable with or have readily available, offering versatility and convenience in your workflow.

Unleash Your Creativity with Full Editability and Customization

As a creator, having control over the elements you work with is crucial. With Custom Scene, each Digital Traveler’s Notebook and mockup is fully editable. This means you can manipulate items to fit your concept, whether it’s resizing, re-coloring, or rearranging elements within a scene. This level of customization ensures that your end product is unique and aligned with your travel-inspired vision.

Relish High-Quality and Realistic Elements

The attention to detail in Custom Scene products ensures that all elements, like those in the Midori Traveler’s Notebook, are high-quality and realistic. Each prop is photographed and edited meticulously, capturing the essence of the items and allowing for stunningly realistic visuals in your designs.

Harness the Power of Effective Use

When creating a scene, it’s essential to remember that less is more. Consider the props as sprinkles on a cupcake – just a few props can complement your design beautifully. Your design or message is the hero of the scene, and the props, like the Traveler’s Notebook Brass Clip, are there to enhance it. So, be mindful of not overcrowding the scene and let your main design shine through.

Unleashing Creativity: Personal Stories with Traveler’s Notebooks & More

Experience how the creative community has embraced these products through their kind words and testimonials. See the personal touch and stories they create with the Traveler’s Notebook 2023 and other products.

A Symphony of Creative Voices

The Custom Scene community has been an incredible source of encouragement and inspiration. The creations and feedback shared by users are heartwarming, and it’s amazing to see Custom Scene products like the Traveler’s Company Notebook being utilized in such diverse and imaginative ways. Here are some words from our wonderful users:

Bunny2022: “Yes 100%! I love what you are doing with the sub boxes. Love the diversity in this box. Thank you for changing the theme to traveler. I’m excited for what you bring next for us.”


Jade: “Each month, the box keeps getting better and better! So many elements to choose from and customize to your liking. The possibilities are truly endless! Thank you for creating such an amazing box!”


Ybentley: “Custom Scene provides amazing digital products. This custom scene box exceeded my expectations with the quality digital objects included. These high-quality digital items are versatile and highly recommended.”


Laneysa Lockhart: “When they say the possibilities are endless, that’s definitely an understatement. Everything is high quality and looks amazing. Roman, You’re the best. Thank you 😊”

These testimonials affirm the value that Custom Scene brings to the table, and it’s truly humbling to see such positive responses.

Onward to a Creative Odyssey

As an independent creator, knowing that there is a community of artists and designers who find value in what I create, especially in the Traveler’s Company Notebook, is both humbling and inspiring. It reaffirms the belief that art is a journey, not a destination, and it’s a journey that is enriched through sharing, collaboration, and continuous learning. Unleash your creativity and make your mark with a journal mockup or an adventure mockup from Custom Scene!

Discover Exciting Deals

Get ready for a treasure trove of delights with Custom Scene’s products. We’re bringing you captivating freebies and a hint of what’s next, including traveler’s notebook promotions.

Navigating the Sea of Options

If you’re all set to set sail, you can acquire any of the products individually. For an immersive experience, Custom Scene Box is an enthralling choice as it includes access to the new Traveler’s Company Scene Creator. And for those who seek a treasure chest of options, the Unlimited Access membership is your map to boundless access to all the products, including the digital traveler’s notebook.

An Expedition Worth its Weight in Gold

As one of our esteemed customers, lhenznaguit, aptly expressed, “Super worth it especially during the product launch so make sure to grab yours too.” The value that awaits, especially during a product launch, is as boundless as the open seas.

Sneak Peek into Sun-Kissed Adventures Ahead

Allow me to tease you with whispers of what lies beyond the horizon. There’s something being charted for next month, and it’s going to be bathed in golden sunrays and all about “collecting memories.” Might it be a new traveler’s planner or an adventure mockup? I can’t reveal the hidden treasure just yet, but let’s just say the winds are whispering of wonders worth waiting for. The thrill of the unknown is part of the grand adventure, is it not?

Elevate Your Creativity with Custom Scene’s Traveler’s Notebook Offerings

We’ve voyaged through an incredible exploration of Custom Scene’s latest treasure trove of products, especially designed for the adventurous at heart. Featuring over 400 new PNG Images, Scene Creators, and Mockups, including the exquisite Traveler’s Notebook 2023 range, these products are imbued with love, attention to detail, and the spirit of adventure.

Inspired by the iconic Midori Traveler’s Notebook and the timeless charm of Japanese travel stationery, these offerings evoke nostalgia and wanderlust. They serve as essential tools for graphic designers, illustrators, and creators of digital traveler’s notebooks and traveler’s planners, providing an array of customizable elements to infuse creativity into your designs.

Each prop is meticulously photographed and edited to perfection, rendering high-quality, realistic elements. Not only do these products aesthetically delight but also resonate with the audience’s emotions.

But that’s not all! Grab the opportunity to lay your hands on some exclusive freebies – a delightful journal mockup and three PNG images!

So, as we anticipate the sun-kissed new product that centers around “collecting memories,” let’s embrace the spirit of exploration, creativity, and the joy of crafting stories through art.

Unleash Your Inner Explorer with Travel and Adventure Mockups

Are you set to navigate the exciting world of travel mockups, adventure mockups, and planners? Chart your course with Custom Scene’s innovative products. Delve into the Traveler’s Company Notebook offerings and explore the versatile range of Traveler’s Notebook brass clips and more.

Embark on your creative journey with Custom Scene and let your artistry soar. Don’t forget to share your magnificent creations with the Custom Scene community.

Thank you for joining us on this expedition. May your traveler’s spirit be forever curious and creative.

Bon Voyage and happy creating!

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