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5 Must-Have Instax Mockups: Turn Your Designs from Dull to Dazzling

There’s something exciting about starting a new month, especially when it brings along fresh avenues of creativity. This month, I’m thrilled to introduce my brand new collection of Instax Mockups, something I’ve been passionately working on for a while. Crafted meticulously, these mockups aim to blend the essence of nostalgia with the touch of modern design, creating a canvas where memories can be painted with a touch of realism.

For all my fellow graphic designers, photographers, and illustrators, this collection is a little treasure trove I curated, especially keeping your versatile needs in mind. Let me give you a sneak peek!

New Scene Creator: Instax Mockups A Blast from the Past

Imagine this: It’s a balmy summer evening, and you’re sitting by the coast, reminiscing those priceless moments from the past, and right there, you wish you could capture those memories, not just in your mind, but somewhere tangible. That’s where my Instant Photo Mockups come into play.

Instant Photo Mockup, an Instax style Scene Creator. Create your own scene

A homage to the golden age of Polaroid photography, this Instax-style Scene Creator is more than just a digital tool. It’s a gateway to the past, embellished with elements that invoke a sense of nostalgia – be it the charm of sun-soaked fruits or the beauty of sandy sea shells.

Instax Mockup, an Instax style Scene Creator

Every detail is added to help you craft a scene that transports your audience to a serene summer retreat. And if you’re new to the design scene, fret not! I’ve made sure the interface is user-friendly. The scene creator includes a variety of customizable options, from backgrounds to shadow overlays.

Instant Photo Mockup, an Instax style Scene Creator. What is included

This Intax Mockups scene creator is available both individually and as part of our Custom Scene Box or Unlimited Access subscription.

New Mockups to Elevate Your Projects

As a creator, there’s something almost magical about breathing life into your designs. The right mockup can be the wand that turns your creativity into vibrant, lifelike scenes.

Unfolding The Magic Of Photo Mockups

Each photograph encapsulates a fleeting moment, a fragment of time that’s gone in the blink of an eye but remembered forever. The Photo Mockups are designed to breathe new life into these frozen instants, elevating them beyond mere images to vibrant narratives. With each mockup, I strive to add depth and context, inviting your audience to not just see but feel the stories you wish to convey.

Two Polaroid Photos Mockup

Two Polaroid Photos Mockup.jpg

Evoke double the emotions with a duo presentation. Perfect for those ‘then and now’ projects, or simply to showcase the breadth of your creative prowess. Every image tells a story; tell yours twice as beautifully.

Instant Photo Mockup Tape on Wall

Instant Photo Mockup Tape on Wall

Casual yet captivating, this mockup is all about spontaneous moments. For those candid captures or quick design drafts, let your work shine on a backdrop that’s as relaxed as a Sunday morning.

Instant Film Camera Mockup

Instant Film Camera Mockup

Channel the retro vibes and showcase your designs with a touch of old-school cool. Perfect for those yearning for yesteryears, this mockup is an ode to the golden era of instant photography.

Hanging Polaroid Photos Mockup

Hanging Photo Instax Mockups

Suspend memories, ideas, and designs in the gentle embrace of nostalgia. This mockup offers a heartwarming way to dangle your stories, making them float in an ocean of emotions.

For more designs and options, do check out our complete Photo Mockups Collection.

Sunny Days & Design: The Summer Mockups

The beauty of summer is not just in its golden sunsets and balmy breezes, but in the myriad memories we create. My Summer Mockups collection is inspired by this very essence.

Cocktail Menu Mockup DL Size

Cocktail Menu Mockup DL Size

Raise a toast to a mockup that’s as refreshing as a chilled margarita on a balmy evening. Let your cocktail menu gleam with sophistication and realism, turning every drink list into a visual treat. Your audience won’t just sip; they’ll savor!

Tote Bag Mockup Summer Themed

Tote Bag Mockup Summer Themed

Turn every glance towards your tote into a mini-vacation. Whether it’s the splash of a wave or the shade of a palm tree, let your designs exude summer vibes and become the perfect beachside companion.

Sunglasses Mockup with Pouch Bag

Sunglasses Mockup with Pouch Bag

Glide into the world of fashion with a mockup that radiates style and sophistication. Perfect for those looking to showcase their signature eyewear in an aura of luxury. Fashion meets function in this sleek mockup.

Ice Cream Mockup with Business Cards

Ice Cream Mockup with Branding Design

Why settle for vanilla when your branding can have all the flavors? Blend in the creamy goodness of ice creams with the professional edge of business cards. A delightful twist to your presentations!

Dive deeper into our Summer Mockups Collection for more vibrant designs.

Crafted Memories: The Notebook Mockups

For moments that demand an earthy, rustic touch, my Notebook Mockups are your go-to. Every design narrates a story, evoking a sense of warmth and intimacy.

Kraft Scrapbook Mockup

Kraft Scrapbook Mockup

In today’s digital age, the tactile feel of a kraft scrapbook is like a breath of fresh air. The Kraft Scrapbook Mockup offers a platform to merge the contemporary with the traditional. Its earthy tones and textures provide the perfect backdrop, lending your designs an authentic and warm touch.

Kraft Scrapbook Mockup Photo Album

Kraft Scrapbook Album Mockup

An album is more than just a collection of photos; it’s a woven tapestry of memories. The Kraft Scrapbook Mockup Photo Album has been meticulously crafted to echo this sentiment. It provides a rustic yet refined stage for your designs, ensuring each page resonates with the depth and emotion of the memories it holds.

Explore the entire range in our Notebook Mockups Collection.


What formats are available for the mockups?

All mockups are available in PSD format for Photoshop, Affinity Designer, and Procreate, ensuring easy project customization.

Are these mockups compatible with online design tools?

There are Affinity Designer Mockups, Procreate Mockups, and Photoshop Mockups, but with tools like our Free Mockup Scene Editor, you can use them online as well.

Can I get a bundle of the new releases?

Yes! Check out the unlimited access which includes all the new releases and more.

Unlimited Access Plan

Let Your Designs Tell a Story

As a creator, I believe in the power of details, and with these collections, I’ve endeavored to capture the essence of life’s beautiful moments. Whether you’re looking to reminisce about the past or capture the joy of summer, the Instax Mockups Scene Creator, Photo Mockups, Summer Mockups, and Notebook Mockups Collection await. Why settle for the ordinary? Dive in, explore, and let your designs tell a story. Unlock the magic with the Unlimited Access subscription and Custom Scene Box. Your canvas awaits!

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