Gift Box Mockup with Curled Silk Ribbons


Exquisite Presentation with Gift Box Mockup with Curled Silk Ribbons

Introducing the Gift Box Mockup with Curled Silk Ribbons, the ideal tool for adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your brand, product, or message. This mockup is perfect for designers, marketers, and brands looking to enhance their presentations with a delicate and organic touch. Fully compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Designer, and Procreate, it offers a versatile and realistic platform for showcasing your creative designs.

Dynamic Design Features

  • Customizable Ribbons: Each silk ribbon can be moved, scaled, rotated, or hidden, allowing for a natural and organic wrapping effect around the gift box.
  • Design Integration: Seamlessly add your design to the gift box and silk ribbons, creating a harmonious and attractive presentation.

Mockup Specifications for Lifelike Visuals

  • Isolated Items: Adjust each component within the mockup for a perfectly customized setup, tailored to your specific design needs.
  • Separated Shadows: Modify shadows to add depth and dimension, enhancing the overall realism of the mockup.
  • Photograph-Based Elements: Utilize realistic elements to bring authenticity to your presentation, making your designs stand out.
  • Changeable Color Background: Choose the ideal background color to complement or contrast with your design, ensuring it captures attention.

Compatibility and Download Contents

This mockup set is designed for use with Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Designer, and Procreate. The download package includes:

  • PSD Mockup for Photoshop
  • Mockup for Affinity Designer
  • Mockup for Procreate

All files are expertly organized, labeled, and named for an efficient and intuitive design process.

Create an enchanting presentation with the Gift Box Mockup with Curled Silk Ribbons. Ideal for silk ribbon mockups, gift wrap mockups, and packaging mockups, it’s the ultimate solution for showcasing your products or designs in a stylish and captivating manner. Elevate your presentation to a new level of refinement!

    Product Specs

  • Nº of Items 3
  • Dimensions 6000  × 4000 px
  • DPI 300
  • File Size 254.6 MB
  • File Type .afdesign, .procreate, .psd
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