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With a Reseller License, the Digital Planner Creator becomes an easy way to monetize your skills and expertise. You can create your own planner, upload it to Etsy or your own shop, and start selling it. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to earn a passive income.

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The Right License

With the Reseller License, all assets included within the Digital Planner Creator can be use in your product for sale. Although all assets are an intellectual property of Custom Scene, with a reseller license you will be covered for this kind of usage (up to 5,000 sales).

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Scene Passive Income

Passive income

Have you ever dreamed of earning money while sleeping? We know the feeling... trust me. Now it’s your turn to make your ideas into a product.

More Than a Digital Planner

Think big! Yes, you could sell your own digital planner, but you could also make and sell digital stickers, wallpapers, covers, and more. Although we love the idea of you making money, we also need to protect our core products. Check the list for things you cannot sell.

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Michelle is a 26 years old digital content creator who loves to plan her life with her digital planner. Currently, She is studying business economics. After purchasing her first iPad, she quickly realized that she could use it for much more than just taking notes for university.

Finding Mock-Ups with a transparent reseller license in excellent quality always challenged me. Thanks to this license, I raised the quality of my digital planners a lot. Despite the planner mock-up, you also get great stationery items that are customizable for separate sales. This license allows me to create and sell high-quality, customized products that make people happy.

Michelle Bredereck (ChellyPlanners)

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