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How to Establish your Brand Across Social Media

We all want a strong brand, and know it is absolutely essential in a successful business. But, what is it that defines a strong brand?

Consistency is at the front of the queue of elements to master when building your presence in a market. It influences how your brand is perceived, and sends out a message that you are trustworthy and reliable. A company who is steady across the board spells out professionalism, stability and security to its audience; a brand like that is recognisable a mile off. People are loyal to a brand, so establishing that confidence early on in you and your organization will cement you as a go to choice.

And when you get it right, your brand consistency makes you stand out from the many companies who are unsteady in their message and values, resulting in a confused audience.

So how can you reflect this all important characteristic when it comes to branding your social media?

Use templates

It’s well known that imagery is more memorable than text; so it’s safe to say it is paramount that the images you choose to share need to be on point with your branding. How is that done?

Creating beautiful images consistently can be time consuming. Starting from scratch for every post presents some difficulties; the time it takes and keeping your imagery recognisable. It is likely that you will be posting across multiple platforms too, needing to adapt the image for the varying dimensions.

So what short cuts can you take, without compromising on quality?

Using a social media kit made up of a number of templates is a sure fire way to meet all of these challenges. Using pre-designed layouts, even as a starting point, is a great way to build your brand consistency through your social media.

If you are sharing the same content across multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the artwork dimensions are preset within the kit to work perfectly with those platforms in mind, meaning that you do not have to create multiple designs each time you share a post.

The consistency in the spacing, font style, use of colour, layout and design features will help your audience to easily identify your brand. As soon as someone sees your image, you want them to recognise it as being from your brand, and using a template will help you to achieve that, whilst saving on your precious time.

You can see how easy it is to bring your social posts in line with your brand in this short demonstration of our Social Media Template Kit.



Set a tone, and stick to it

As important as imagery is, you also have an opportunity to reinforce your brand message in your caption. Whatever it is you choose to say, make sure it will be engaging for your audience, adding value along the way. You can do this by varying the subject, from sharing a personal experience, passing on something you have learned, a funny anecdote, or a call to action. The key is that your audience will relate to what you are saying, and by keeping content varied as it would be in conversation, you will keep the attention of your all important followers.

Consistency not only applies to the content, but also the style in which you write. The best thing to do here is to be yourself, people pick up on and are attracted to genuineness. Keep it real, people will love you for it.

Consistent Post Times

Consistency is also vital not only in the frequency but in the times that you post in social media. Think about your audience, and with the help of apps and websites such as Simply Measured and Iconosquare, you can work out the best times from the perspective of your following. And then stick to it.

By regularly appearing in the feed of your audience at the same time everyday, you establish your place in the lives of your followers, and they’ll get used to seeing you there. That familiarization just adds to the trust you have already built, and makes your company a go to when your product or services are needed.

If you want to get a head start in establishing your brand consistency across your social media, check out our Social Media kit here.

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